Founded in 2009, Patisserie Rococo is dedicated to producing high quality and beautiful French pastry, quality breads, Italian Pizzas and a variety of other artisanal products.  All are carefully confectioned with selected raw materials by devoted hands led by Patisserie Rococo’s French Master Chef, and devoted team.

Customer service and satisfaction is as important as the quality of the products. Personalised and attentive service is Patisserie Rococo’s goal; we want our customers to recognize how valuable their loyalty and satisfactions is.

Constantly seeking ways to expand the selection of attractive and delectable high quality products, Patisserie Rococo is dedicated to providing artistic products of distinctive quality.  We strive to provide service that makes the most discriminating customers’ shopping experience memorable.


Prepared and baked FRESH daily, experienced hands mix and knead non-bleached Canadian flour, sea salt and water to make Patisserie Rococo breads.

Patisserie Rococo’s wide variety includes several specialties; our very own APPLE Bread, made with Cortland apples and just the right amount of cinnamon; Olive Bread, made with Kalamata olives, olive oil, and fine herbs; Cheese Bread, made with strong Canadian cheddar; our Danish Breads are made with eggs and just the right amount of butter to make it melt in your mouth scrumptious!

And of course, also available are Rococo healthy breads; 12 cereal, 10 grain, kamut flour and whole wheat.


Patisserie Rococo Danish and croissants are made with 100% Canadian butter and are baked daily;

Choices include almond, chocolate, cheese, fruit preserves, and others.  Moist, buttery, and flaky; they are a tempting classic. 


These refined delicacies are made with the purest, quality ingredients. Rococo offers an extended variety that is offered year round, and seasonal and new products that are an appreciated addition to our beautiful pastry counters.  These products help celebrate the season or a special occasion.


Dough made with non- bleached flour, sea salt and water is the base for Patisserie Rococo pizza.

Our sauce makes Patisserie Rococo pizzas unique, prepared with San Marzano tomatoes and a special blend of spices.  Patisserie Rococo pizza is also available with fresh vegetables, chopped and seasoned daily or with assorted meats.

The same Patisserie Rococo gourmet Tomato Sauce is available to our customers for their enjoyment.  You will find it is simply great with pasta, meat, fish or vegetables and even as a dip!


Our Macarons are colourful, enticing and melt in your mouth delicious.  Our selection is not only delicately attractive, but tasty and soft,  and appreciated by our customers who have tasted them.

Our wide variety of fresh cookies are also exquisite and a constant in our line of products. Available in elegant packaging or by weight, they are made with pure butter and other fine ingredients.